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The Victorine veil… combining the elegance of a traditional accessory with a wedding dress.

Handcrafted in France, in the Asnier workshop CECILE DE LA CHAPELLE, this pretty long veil in nylon tulle and Calais lace (possibility to choose your pattern) will give your look a touch of refinement by completing your elegance!

The veil is easily attached to the hairstyle using a metal comb or gathering threads as desired by your wedding hairstylist


Approximate price for a 3 m veil with a wide Calais lace.


780,00 €Price
Délai de livraison 2 mois, possibilité de réduire le temps de confection sur demande!
  • - Dimensions of the unfolded veil: oval 3 m high and 2.20 m wide
    - Dimensions of the veil worn: 2m30, with a return of 70 cm, starting from the comb
    - Comb sewn 70 cm from the top edge, length of the veil with return: 3 m
    - Silk white nylon tulle
    - Bordered with Calais lace (95% cotton 5% nylon): lace 12.5 cm wide

    - Comb 13 teeth (7 cm) in metal
    - Handcrafted in France

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