The Sketch

During a first appointment, the designer listens to the client's expectations while seeking to understand her personality. The bride-to-be tries on a few ‘tops’. Cécile shapes the beginning of a bodice, the structure of a skirt, adding lace, guipure, or a sleeve if she wishes to. This outline guides her for the conception of a unique dress, and in the choice of the right fabrics. This is followed by the outline of a first sketch.

A dress is born from the exchanges between the designer and the future bride.


Each dress requires several appointments:

between 4 and 5 fittings depending on the fabrics chosen.

The Fittings

The purpose of the first fitting is to outline the initial version of the bodice. You have to wait for the third fitting to find the general movement of the dress. The bride-to-be will discover her dress in the mirrors of the studio


The made-to-measure wedding dress comes to life!

All the dresses are designed and sewn by Cécile de La Chapelle in her studio in Asnières-sur-Seine.


A crucial aspect of the making of the dress is the choice of fabrics.

The designer offers fine materials such as French, English or Italian silks, carefully selected from manufacturers that supply Haute Couture and the luxury sector. She marries them with guipure, Chantilly and Calais-Caudry lace to enhance the natural beauty of today's woman.


The drape of crepe elegantly hugs the curves, the lightness of muslin reveals a modern and timeless bride. Cécile will not hesitate to look for new materials such as an organza brocade to meet your expectations of a princess dress, updated to today’s taste.

Always attentive to her clients, Cecile also adapts the choice of materials to the bride's budget.


Conscientious and professional, she pays particular attention to impeccable finishes, all hand-made, especially for the application of lace on veils, hems and muslin seams, which requires a particularly delicate hand.

This search for exceptional materials together with a traditional know-how defines the elegance of Cécile de La Chapelle’s creations.