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Sixtine's made-to-measure dress in brocade silk organza

    As a fan of Sissi since she was a little girl, Sixtine dreamt of being a princess on her wedding day.

Having already chosen a fabric for the skirt - brocade organza - she arrived at the Atelier with a precise design for a sleek bodice.


She seeks the advice of Cécile de la Chapelle’s Atelier on the fabric that will best meet her expectations.


Bearing in mind the requests of each bride-to-be, Cécile looks for the latest raw materials of exceptional quality. From the luxurious aspect of a brocade silk organza coming from a great English producer to the flawlessness of a peach skin silk crepe made in France, Cécile knows how to shape the fabrics to give Sixtine’s dress the shine and elegance of a true princess.

From the sketch to the dress worn on the wedding day, uncover the stories of the brides’ wedding dresses. Special thanks to Sixtine, Marguerite, Claire-Marie, and Astrid.





Claire-Marie's made-to-measure dress in crepe and silk muslin with its fin Calais lace

    Claire-Marie had beforehand selected a multitude of details taken from different dresses that she wished to find on hers. 

Her dress comes to life at each fitting.


Cécile combines different fabrics: Calais lace for a delicate
and refined look and silk chiffon to give a vaporous movement to the dress.



Astrid's made-to-measure dress in cotton satin and French lace

    Astrid entered the Atelier accompanied by her mother with the idea of creating a family veil to pass on from generation to generation. She was also looking for a designer for her princess dress.


They started by choosing the Calais lace among several French lace robracks. They crushed over hydrangea patterns, the element that would define her wedding dress design: a sober and pure dress.


Cécile then offered to use a magnificent cotton satin fabric with a matte appearance and a majestic fall. Finally, to bring an original and personalized touch, she suggested to the motif of the veil in embroidery on the bust of the dress. Amazed by this idea, they leave, captivated by this unique dress and veil.


Marguerite's made-to-measure dress inspired by Empress Zita of Austria

    For her wedding, Marguerite had always dreamt of a wedding dress like the one worn by Zita of Bourbon-Parme, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, whom she particularly liked.


She met Cécile and told her about her project. The designer was inspired by the beautiful 1911 satin gown to create a custom-made dress that met Marguerite's expectations.


To this wonderful creation in silk shantung and guipure placed on silk gazar, is added a family veil with traditional allure made by the atelier. Made to measure, it matches perfectly the imperial- inspired dress.

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