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Your taste for old embroidery on fabric prompts you to carry out a project with this communion veil in new condition found at the back of the cupboards.

As the latter is no longer in fashion, CECILE DE LA CHAPELLE's bespoke workshop, based in Asnières sur Seine, is studying your request to revisit it in a baptismal dress.


Through her recognized, hand-made, made in France know-how, Cécile will be able to offer you an idea for a model, via a precise sketch. She brings a complement of fine French lace, if necessary.


The under dress is included in this model.


  • An old communion veil is provided by the client.
    Size to be defined according to your wishes and the possibilities of available footage.
    Cécile de La Chapelle accompanies this dress with a baptism under-dress to give it more voluptuousness.
    A crush will also be possible on order.

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