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Brighten up your wedding dress with this lace "cape effect" top , on your strapless dress is an ode to femininity. This perfect harmony between your satin cotton dress, or "Peau de peach" crepe and your top is enhanced by the lace. Chantilly lace, a French know-how, is carefully selected from houses collaborating with Haute Couture and the luxury sector.


This 100% handmade lace cape is made in France, in the bespoke CECILE DE LA CHAPELLE workshop in Asnières sur Seine


Back closure with one or more pearly buttons, according to your choice!


The lace, all in finesse and delicacy, highlights the play of transparency on your skin. Just beautiful !



  • Chantilly lace, other possible pattern, contact us.

    Height about 55 cm.

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