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The ELEONORE model , for your christening gown, a major piece of the designer's Traditional line.


It is composed on its breastplate:


  • By many small alternating horizontals,
  • By rows of an embroidered braid and two laces with a different pattern (8m50) of French origin:


- A “little heart” in-between, Calais lace, 1.6 cm wide for a yardage of 3m10.


- An embroidery of origin from Spain, 3.8 cm wide for a measurement of 1m40.


- And, the entire plastron of a Valenciennes lace flounce, 1.2 cm wide for a length of 4m.


This sacrament dress, bearing the 100% handmade label, is made in France, in the CECILE DE LA CHAPELLE bespoke workshop in Asnières sur Seine.


This model is a sure value to be passed on to future generations.


  • The dress is in 100% cotton batiste, Egyptian fiber, of a highly selected quality from a large Swiss house for a longer life, with a subtle touch and harmonious rendering.

    This dress can be made identically, subject to the stock of lace footage.

    Each of the christening gowns are 90 or 95 cm long, with a wrap-over closure at the back, a wrap skirt, unless otherwise requested for a traditional buttoning.

    Size to be specified when ordering: 3, 6 or 9 months.

    All our folds are made by hand by the designer herself thanks to meticulous work.

    Possibility of ordering in addition the crush and the under dress.

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