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What to do with the remaining measurements of guipure and silk crepe from your made-to-measure wedding dress, whether or not made in CECILE DE LA CHAPELLE's bespoke workshop? Your taste for "zero loss" pushes you to realize a project with these precious offcuts of haute couture fabric.


Finally, your choice of having privileged the beautiful fabrics will be very useful to you.


Cécile will offer you , as far as possible, to make a miniature of your wedding dress. At each baptism of your children or grandchildren, your baptism dress will be the nod to the day of your YES.



  • A wedding dress all in lace or guipure, in silk crepe will be ideal to favor the flexibility, the lightness of the white garment for the ceremony, the traditional baptismal dress.
    Each of the christening gowns are generally 90 or 95 cm long, with a wrap-over closure at the back, a wrap skirt, unless otherwise requested for a traditional buttoning.
    This model is made according to the possibilities of the remaining footage!
    Size to be specified when ordering: 3, 6 or 9 months.
    You will be offered a crush in the spirit of the dress. (included in the service).

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